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Proper Shaving Technique. No Other Way To Shave.

May 1, 2016
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Most men experience challenges when it comes to shaving, and their grooming session often ends up in a bad outcome. It is often because of lack of knowledge of the proper way to shave. Take a look at some proper shaving techniques without the use of the best hair clippers.

Ensure Your Beard Is Moist

A great tactic to achieve a shave with no razor burns and irritations is to ensure you moisten your beard. Whiskers absorb a considerable amount of moisture. Beards swollen with water are usually fragile therefore taking a shower before a shave is a good technique to make your whiskers moist enough.

When you do not have time to shower, clean the face and use a warm dampened cloth on your face for a few minutes.A primary cause of shaving rash and razor burns is shaving with cold water or applying shaving products to a dry face.


Make Sure You Have A Good Shaving Brush

To achieve a clean shave like top barbers, knowing the proper shaving techniques can help you get there by using a shaving brush. It usually helps in raising the hair to get a closer cut. The shaving brush also aids in removing dead skin cells that decrease the chances of razor bumps, blemishes and helps the skin feel smooth and healthy.

Start Using A High-Quality Shaving Cream

A Shaving cream with a lot of moisturizer and lubricant is the superlative because it produces a rich, creamy lather that does not fizz. When there is less foaming in the shaving cream the better. With less resistance, nicks, and irritations you also benefit from a durable blade.

The principal role of a shaving cream is to act as a lubricant on your face so that the razor can move smoothly and effortlessly on the surface. Additionally, it locks the wetness into the beard making it upright, soft and easy to cut. The ideal thing to do is allow the shaving cream to stay on the face for around a minute before shaving.

Work the Angles

As you shave it is also essential to apply proper shaving techniques such as working the angles. Shave in the path your beard grows. Begin with the sides, work your way to the mustache and finish with your chin. Remember the hair on your chin is very tough so it need more time to soften after applying shave cream. When you shave against the grain, it gives you a closer shave, but you are likely to cut yourself. You are also at risk of cutting the hair below skin level, and this leads to inflammation.

Utilize A High-Quality Razor And Replace The Blades

When shaving ensure you have a sharp, high-quality razor blade. Dull razors are quite painful to the skin making the face look blotchy and feel scratchy. One of the causal factors to shaving rash and razor burns is a dull blade.

Change the blade after ten shaves if you shave daily depending on the toughness of your beard. Clean the razor in hot water before shaving and after several swipes. By doing so, you remove the accumulated whiskers, skin gunk, and shaving cream.

Use An After Shave Lotion When You Finish

Shaving gets rid of around two layers of skin, and no other normal activity can do this. It is, therefore, vital to use a quality moisturizer after shave. The best aftershaves reinstate any moisture you have lost and soothe. They also contain ingredients to cool and restore the skin.

With the above knowledge, you are now in a better position to employ proper shaving techniques and get optimum skin health avoiding shaving problems.

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Top Hair Clippers For Personal Hair Cutting

April 30, 2016
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It is always important to look good, and if you are a man then this often means getting a good haircut. However, in order to do this an individual will need to go to the hairdressers and book an appointment and this can sometimes be difficult if you are leading a busy life. It can therefore be a good idea to invest in some high quality hair clippers so that you can carry out hairstyles yourself, and in this article we will take a look at some of the top hair clipper reviews and also outline tips on how to use these effectively.

When you are choosing the best type of hair clippers like the Andis Masters, it is a good idea to think about the type of hair that you will be cutting. For instance, you may have thin hair or may have thicker hair and this will determine the power that you need in terms of the clipper that that you buy. It is also a good idea to consider the hairstyles that you will be creating as this will determine the functionality of the clip that you purchase.

Corded or Cordless Hair Clippers?

The next thing to consider is whether you will invest in a cordless hair clipper or one that is attached to the mains. If you use a cordless clipper it will cost you more but you will be able to charge the device and this will also be able to carry out hair cutting with ease, thanks to the benefits that a cordless clipper can provide.

Blade oil and cleaning brushes can also be provided with the clipper that you choose to use and it is important to consider whether you need one for your uses. These additional products will help to keep the hair clippers in better condition and will allow them to last longer. It is also important to use these products on the clipper on a regular basis and in this situation it is also a good idea to check whether the clipper is dirty. The result will be that you will get a far better level of performance with the clipper and will be able to use the clippers in a much better way.

Cutting the Hair

When cutting someone’s hair it is important to determine the style of the hair before you begin cutting it. You may then wish to think about specific details but it is a good idea to think this out before the cut takes place. Then start to cut the hair but do so in a way that is accurate and slow.

It is a good idea to use several mirrors. Two mirrors can be a good idea and can be used on each side of the face. You can then see what the cut looks like from behind, as well as from the front.

Try and cut the hair when it is dry and do not attempt to cut wet hair, as this may cause it to stick within the clipper that you choose to use. When the clipper gets stuck it will create a jam within the hair clipper motor.

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Casual Style Tips For Men

April 27, 2016
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Whether you’re a professional who dons a suit and tie for the office or a construction worker sporting dirty work boots, jeans and flannel during the day, when you’re off the job, you want to look your very best. These casual style tips for men will help you to get the look you want and feel confident about your appearance in any casual setting.

A good fit is the foundation

Depending on the style that suits you best, you need to have clothing that fits you well. Trousers or jeans that are too tight or too loose can distract from your overall appealing good looks. Baggy clothing can make you look sloppy and tight pants can highlight certain areas that simply do not look good to the majority of onlookers. You don’t want your underwear neatly outlined by your pants. Find pants or shorts that are well fitting and comfortable for whatever activities you’ll be up to.

Make it match

It’s always a good idea to wear tops and bottoms that go well with each other. The shirt and pants don’t have to be the same exact shades or colors but look for elements that make them work well together. Avoid wearing items that clash. If you’re not sure about how it looks on you, ask someone you trust if the items go well together. You can also build your understanding of which items go together by looking at pictures of men’s clothing online in sale promotions. In addition to keeping the colors in harmony, make sure that the patterns work well together. For example, pants with a design often require a top that is plain in its foundation and perhaps has a logo that is complementary. Watch out for pattern faux pax.

Use accessories but use them sparingly

A great outfit needs just a little spice to add variety. A matching belt, classy watch, or great looking jacket can really set an outfit apart. Just be sure that you don’t add too much bling or it will overpower your casual look and make it look like you’re trying too hard.

tommy-hilfiger-mens-casual-clothingUse socks the right way or not at all

One of the greatest tragedies in casual attire happens at the sock level. If you’re wearing darker pants then by all means, wear matching socks. Light colored socks can be distracting and can ruin what would otherwise be classified as a great casual look. Regardless of the color of your outfit, try your best to make sure that the socks match. The old multipurpose white sock rule needs to go out the window.

If you’re wearing shorts you may want to go with a shorter sport sock instead of a mid calf version. For sandals, no socks are required and in some cases, may not look good, but this is a matter of personal preference.

Shoes as a final touch

It’s always a good idea to have shoes that go with the outfit you’re wearing. This means that they should not only be compatible with colors, but also with the overall style. If you’re going for a casual dressy look, you may want to choose a dressier style of shoe or boot, but make sure it doesn’t go over the top. For example, a western outfit is complemented by western style boots. Athletic dress makes it fine to wear athletic shoes and some other styles are more suited for boat shoes or loafers.

Final thoughts on casual dress for men

Perhaps one of the most important tips that we can give you is to make your casual look your own. It should match your personality and preferences while being appropriate for your circumstances. You can look as good at a casual barbecue as you can at dinner and a movie with a special person, just in a different way. Keep experimenting with clothing and accessories that you truly like and find the look that you are the most comfortable with. In most cases, if your mother or sister would give you a thumbs up, then you’re heading in the right direction.

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When Is The Right Time To Wear A Tie?

April 24, 2016
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Ties have been worn for many centuries. They first were recorded in history during the 30 Years War when they were worn by Croatian mercenaries. The French King Louis the XIII hired these soldiers for battle and he liked their look so much that he made it style for his court. Since that time, ties have become recognized as a part of the upper class and royalty. This is why people wear ties when they want to look their best. In modern times, ties are not associated with warfare and violence. Instead they are commonly worn for a variety of different reasons that will be discussed below.

White Collar Professions and Ties

Many white collar professions require their employees to wear ties. Occupations such as lawyers, doctors, marketers and investors tend to sport ties when they are on the job. Ties makes a person look more professional. They also help to make employees look intelligent, powerful and wise.

Ties and Formal Events

A people wore various forms of the tie during the early and middle parts of the 20th century. Wearing suits and ties were a common mode of dress during this time period in history. By the time the late 60s arrived people stop wearing shirt and ties as a part of their daily look. As people started to move away from wearing ties everyday; this fashion was just worn for formal events. Now, when people attend church, weddings, funerals or some type of social gala they usually sport a tie for these types of gatherings.

Ties and the Job Interview

Many people who are serious about getting a job will wear a tie to a job interview. Men who truly want a job will wear a tie. The tie shows an employer that a potential job candidate is serious about their work; even if it is only at a low paid minimum wage job. Ultimately, interviewees need to wear a tie when they are trying to get a job.

Wealthy People Sport Ties

There are many wealthy and upper class people who sport ties as a part of their normal form of dress. They usually have the money to purchase different types of suits and formal wear. The reason why many upper class people wear ties is to identify with the perceived notions of wealth and success. Once again, ties often make people look important and influential. These are two characteristics that wealthy and upper class people value.

The Court System and Ties

It is a known fact that people who wear ties in court typically have a favorable outcome over individuals who don regular clothes. Judges and juries usually look favorably at a person wearing a tie because they look more professional and it shows that a defendant and/or plaintiff is taking the case seriously. Lawyers will usually tell their clients to wear ties to a court case for this reason. This is especially true for people involved in a serious matter.

Ties and the Common Man

In the year 2016, the average man looks unfavorably on ties. Most middle and lower class peoples do not wear ties like they did in the past. A lot of middle and lower class people do not work in white collar jobs. When they attend church they have a tendency to dress down for this event. Many places such as church and school no longer requires men to wear ties. Some guys will wear them but most will not.

The average person sees the tie as a form of restriction or a symbol for people who think they are better than someone else. This attitude stems from the fact that most people in the middle and lower classes cannot afford to wear a tie everyday. Also, they really do not have a need to wear one at all. The activities that middle and lower class people are involved in do not require the use of a tie. However, all men (regardless of their economic status) will have at least one tie in their wardrobe. This helps them to be prepared for the occasional special event that they might be forced to attend.

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How To Wear A Suit Like Daniel

April 20, 2016
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We’ve all seen the guy who throws on a suit because it’s the proper thing to do for the circumstances. It becomes painfully obvious when little consideration is given to the right way to wear a suit. It’s not rocket science but there are a few simple rules to follow that will make any guy look great in the suit that he is wearing. Here are some good tips on where to buy a suit, how much you should spend and most importantly, how to wear a suit.

Custom tailored or off the rack?

In order to get a perfect fit, purchasing your suit at a shop that offers custom tailoring is the best option. This is particularly important if you have a body shape or height that differs from the average man. Some guys are lucky and can find a great fitting suit off the rack. If you are one of them, consider yourself as fortunate. Professional tailors can alter a suit to fit you in shoulder, arm and torso length. They can also make needed adjustments in the trousers so you will have the ideal sizing for every area of the body.

How much should I spend?

There are outlet retail stores that sell men’s suits for as low as $199 and you can go for the more expensive designer brands and easily spend $4,000 or more. It all depends on what you are looking for. It is possible to get a good quality and well fitting suit for as low as $200.00. In most cases, you get what you pay for, but this doesn’t mean that you have to break the bank to look great. Keep an eye out for quality materials and workmanship. The buttons should be tight, the seams should be strong and even and the shoulder pads should be firmly sewn into the garment.

Getting the best possible fit

The shoulders are the first consideration. When trying on a suit jacket, make sure that the shoulders are not too tight so you will have enough room to move comfortably. In the same token, they should not be too loose or wide. The fabric should cover the shoulders with a snug but comfortable fit that you could slip your hand in between easily. If there is a significant gap in the chest area when the suit is buttoned, it is likely too large in the chest or shoulders. The arm length should not show any more than a half inch of your shirt cuff.

Your suit trousers should fit well around the waist and buttocks for a comfortable but not loose fit. Make sure that you can squat and bend with comfort. The bottom hem should just reach the top of the dress shoe.

Wear the right shirt

The shirt you choose must match the suit in color, tone, pattern and style. In addition, pay attention to the collar and make sure that the jacket is worn so the same amount of collar is visible as the size of the cuff of the arm showing. This small detail makes a big difference in terms of visual appeal.

Choose the best style

Lapel width is a big issue when it comes to style and class. Thinner lapels have a more modern look while wider ones are more old school and may even be considered stodgy. Go with medium to thin lapels. With this in mind, choose a tie that is equal width of the lapel for greater compatibility. If you’re going with a three piece suit with vest, single breast jackets are the best choice. These are popular during cold months because the vest not only adds a touch of class, it also helps to provide additional warmth.

Make the color match the event

Black is fine if you’re attending a funeral or a black tie event, but for sportier or more casual events, a blue, gray or other color suit may be more appropriate. Try to match the color and style with the type of event you’ll be attending.

Accessorize with taste

Your shoes and belt should complement the suit that you’re wearing. This means that the colors should be compatible. Often, the belt and shoes match for a symmetrical effect. The belt should be on the thinner side for a more modern look. Next, a pocket square of fabric that provides a compatible contrast is best. Make sure that the pocket square fabric is not the same pattern as the tie worn.

Neckties are best worn with a full or half windsor knot. Choose a slimmer tie that is the same width as the lapel. It should extend down to the top of the trousers or just above. Your socks should also be of compatible colors and patterns with the suit that you’re wearing. Make sure that they are long enough to cover your legs when seated. There should be no bare leg visible.

If you wear a vest keep the last button undone. Always unbutton your suit before you sit down. This will help to prevent damage to the materials and make it last longer.

Wearing a suit the right way will bring you spectacular results and greater confidence in your appearance. If you want to look your best, it only takes a little planning and preparation to assemble the right items that will complement the way your suit looks on you. Use these tips to wear your suit the right way.

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The Sauve Style

April 17, 2016
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A man’s style is one of the most important things to help a man’s confidence throughout their day. A well groomed man can only be defined as confident if he exudes confidence throughout his day. But their are a few things that a man should not do in order to be considered confident and fashionable. A few male grooming tips if you will.

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